POP STAR .10cts. Diamond Bracelet

Impressive VS2-SI1 quality with near colorless G/H diamonds .10 ct diamond set in a rhodium plated sterling silver POP star bezel setting 1 mm braided water-resistant POP cord, guaranteed not to break, stretch or fade Bracelet adjusts from 6” to 7” Fini...
$ 199.00

POP Sapphire Birthstone Bracelet - SEPTEMBER

The Sapphire brings success to all who wear it.  This gemstone is a symbol of truth and protection. Sapphires reduce pain and demonstrate purity, wisdom, faith, loyalty and serenity. You are sure to feel it's affect when paired with the spirituality and me...
$ 49.99

POP Ruby Birthstone Bracelet - JULY

The Ruby protects it's wearer against misfortune and allows the wearer to live in harmony with others.  Rubies are red which symbolizes strength and courage. Rubies can support the emotional health of the wearer and remove negative energies. You are sure t...
$ 49.99

POP Pink Tourmaline Bracelet - OCTOBER

The Tourmaline gem promotes healing and has restorative qualities and is a symbol of hope, innocence and creativity.  Tourmaline can relieve stress and increase mental alertness. You are sure to feel it's affect when paired with the spirituality and meanin...
$ 49.99

POP Peridot Birthstone Bracelet - AUGUST

Peridot brings courage, wealth, wisdom and purity to it's wearer. This light green gemstone relieves stress and calms anger, as well as protecting the wearer from evil, negativity and black magic. It's also known to protect the immune system. You are sure ...
$ 49.99

POP Garnet Birthstone Bracelet - JANUARY

For those born in January the Garnet offers protection from nightmares and gives it's wearer guidance in the night. The red color symbolizes faith, love and courage. It also protects the heart and lungs and increases energy levels. You are sure to feel it'...
$ 49.99

POP Fleur de lis Bracelet

.10cts. Diamond set in a yellow gold vermeil bezel connected with our 1mm braided POP Cord that is guaranteed not to break, stretch or fade. The bracelet is adjustable from 6 inches to 7 inches. The anklet is adjustable from 8 inches to 10 inches....
$ 209.00

POP Emerald Birthstone Bracelet - MAY

Wearing the vivid green Emerald gives you the ability to cure specific ailments and see into the future. Emeralds possess magical qualities that can prevent illness and promotes health, fertility and wealth. You are sure to feel it's affect when paired wit...
$ 49.99
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